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A house is more than just a space to inhabit. It’s a sanctuary, a stage for countless family milestones — big and small — and a blank slate upon which to build unique holiday traditions. The process of turning a house into a home takes time and dedication, and it starts by finding the ideal décor that will serve as the backdrop for decades of memories to come.

You may think of Home Depot as the go-to place for garage renovation supplies, hardware knick-knacks, or daunting DIY flooring projects. But you might not know that Home Depot also stocks a wide variety of furniture and décor items, so you can decorate any room in your home according to your precise tastes.

Below are a few hand-selected items that fall into four different design buckets to inspire your creative side — just in time for the holiday season.

Whether your home dynamic consists of just you, you and a roommate or partner, or comes complete with a menagerie of eclectic humans and animals, these cozy bohemian pieces will turn any space from bland and impersonal to bold and inspired.

With unique textures, natural wood furniture, funky tabletop accessories, and blankets that beg to be wrapped around shoulders, these items infuse warmth, contentment, and positive energy into every nook and cranny of your home. Don’t let the laid-back feel of this style fool you, though — it packs an aesthetic punch that lends an air of exoticness to your home environment.

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