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Hurricane Michael, which made land Category 4 storm but has since dropped to a Category 3, continues to ravage Florida. Partially submerged cars and palm trees float through flooded coastal areas, and torrential rain and wind makes seeing anything nearly impossible. 

Here’s what the storm looks like up close:

The wind is so strong, it’s knocked over trees by the roots and bent road signs backwards. 

Instagram user @talarico.tessa has been posting updates of Hurricane Michael from Mexico Beach, Florida. You can see the rapid flooding and winds so intense, they’ve ripped off pieces of the roof. 

The most recent photoset shows how much debris Hurricane Michael has scattered around Florida. 

Michael made landfall as the third strongest storm on Wednesday. 

In a tweet on Tuesday night, Governor Rick Scott warned Floridians that the “time for evacuation has come and gone,” and urged residents to seek shelter and stay put. He recently announced that relief efforts would soon be deployed and that “massive recovery efforts” are on their way. 

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