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You could fill the Library of Congress with books about Beyoncé moments and there still wouldn’t be enough room.

OK, clearly that was a stretch. But the Queen has been such a staple in culture, that content is created from her doing everything from the *most* to the least, like ordering food at a restaurant. We’ve been blessed with countless memes and moments from Beyoncé over the years, but here are our absolute favorites in one place for your enjoyment. 

1. The challenge “Apeshit” sparked

2. The infamous Nintendo DSi commercial 

3. Her Airbnb pose seen ’round the world

4. Imaginations went wild over a photo of her ordering food

5. This lady would is all of us, let’s not kid ourselves 

7. When Tiffany Pollard uttered the name that’s constantly on the tip of our tongues

8. And when she apologized to the Queen on TV

9. An eye roll fit for any situation 

10. *THE* braid of all braids

11. Chance’s priceless reaction in the unexpected presence of royalty

13. The iconic “thank you” response to the sound of her name

14. Okay, this one is more Michelle, but still a staple

15. “I mean, someone can send you your luggage.”

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