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No matter how upside down the world becomes, there’s always room to find love.

At least that’s what Stranger Things star David Harbour is hinting at when it comes to Season 3 of the Netflix phenomenon. 

More specifically, Harbour teased fans about the undeniable chemistry between his character Hopper and Winona Ryder’s Joyce during a Q&A at an Emmy nomination celebration event on Friday.

So, what can we expect from the newest season when it drops in 2019? In a word: heat.

“It’s the summer of love in Hawkins, Indiana,” he said during the event at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. 

“It’s a really fun season where you’re gonna get to see these characters experience summer in Indiana, and there’s this sense of new relationships. It’s sort of a big celebration of love. That’s all I can say.”

But of course, that’s not all he said. When pressed about whether the sheriff himself would be catching the love bug, Harbour did his best to remain coy.

“I mean Hopper has his own issues with love, but Hopper will probably be confronting some of those issues, yes.”

David Harbour professes his love for Winona -- we mean Joyce at "Stranger Things" Emmy nomination celebration

David Harbour professes his love for Winona — we mean Joyce at “Stranger Things” Emmy nomination celebration

Image: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

Alright folks, this is not a drill. Everyone immediately pack your bags and climb aboard the Hopper/Joyce ship. 

To any viewer with eyeballs, it’s clear that Hopper and Joyce are destined for each other. And (Season 2 spoiler alert) with poor old Bob getting brutally Demodogged last season, the path is clear for their relationship to get moving.

This isn’t the first time Harbour has brought up the inevitable romance between Joyce and Hopper. And his backstage closeness with Ryder is no secret either.

When asked about his favorite scenes to shoot in Season 2, Harbour became immediately bashful. 

“Well alright, OK. Here’s the deal,” he said. “There will be nights on set at three or four in the morning where Winona Ryder will be telling these stories and I will have this experience where I look at her and I’m feeling so jazzed about my life. And I feel like I’m in love with her — it’s a beautiful thing.”

We smell something in the air in Hawkins, Indiana. And it’s not airborne inter-dimensional alien parasites this time around.

It’s love. And we’re extremely here for it.

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