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Esquipulas, Guatemala – Small groups of Honduran migrants and refugees are continuing to make their way to through  Guatemala, following in the foot steps of an initial caravan that left San Pedro Sula on October 13. The initial group grew to several thousand before it reached the Mexico border with Guatemala on Friday en route to the United States.

The groups have been met with tightened security at the border and within Guatemala. Many walked along the Guatemalan Route 18 towards Chiquimula, where they planned to rest for the night before setting out for Guatemala City and the border. 

Entire families picked up what they could carry and set out on the journey to the US in search of a work and to flee insecurity.

The journeys come as US President Donald Trump ramps up his threats to cut off aid to Central American countries and send the military to the border. 

On Monday, Trump tweeted the US was beginning to cut off or substantially reduce aid, adding that he has “alerted Border Patrol and the Military”. 

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