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If you were wondering what exactly is contained within George RR Martin’s new 736-page epic Westeros history Fire and Blood, we now have a few more clues.

We already knew there were going to be dragons, and potentially some hints for Game of Thrones fans — but now we know one more thing Martin has managed to sneak in all those pages: a bit of erotica. 

Yep: during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the author confirmed as much.

“We do have, in Fire and Blood — you know it’s written by an Archmaester going back to primary sources — and there’s one particular incident where he has to, somewhat reluctantly, consult a book called ‘A Caution for Young Girls’ — which is basically erotica from Westeros,” explains Martin.

“That’s one reason I’ve really diverged from Tolkien… because there is no porn in Middle Earth.”

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