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So where exactly does this second Roses match defeat of 2018 leave Lancashire?

They now have just one game left as they don’t play in next week’s round of County Championship fixtures.

Depending on how the Surrey-Worcestershire and Essex-Nottinghamshire games turn out today, by the time Lancs play again, at Southampton against Hampshire on Monday week (24 September), their fate may already be sealed.

Image caption: Yorkshire skipper Steve Patterson’s return after three games out with injury proved crucial for the Tykes

But it could be that Yorkshire need as little as 18 points from their remaining two games to secure top flight cricket for next season.

Yorkshire already ruled the roost in the Roses match. This was their eighth successive game in which they have not lost to their old rivals – five of which they have won.

But this year the two victories for Steve Patterson’s side may well prove the difference between staying in Division One and going down.

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