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A court in Bangladesh has granted bail to Shahidul Alam, an award-winning photographer who was arrested after he gave media interviews about student protests that gripped the country, his lawyer has told Al Jazeera.

WATCH: Shahidul Alam explains what incited protests in Bangladesh (4:15)

The 63-year-old was arrested in August on suspicion of spreading “propaganda and false information” during widespread student protests shortly after he gave an interview to Al Jazeera.

The protests, he said, were the result of pent-up anger at corruption and an “unelected government … clinging on by brute force,” – accusations the government has dismissed.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government – since her Awami League party came to power in 2009 – has been marked by allegations of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and secret detentions of members of the political opposition and anti-government activists.

Last year, at least 25 journalists and hundreds of bloggers and Facebook users were prosecuted under the country’s ICT Act after their online content was deemed defamatory or blasphemous.

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